web based solutuions, data management, machine learning, artificial intelligence.

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About my activities

I have been working in web development since 2006 and from that time the list of my projects includes content management systems, web sites, databases, web stores and also offline applications. Now I am working on machine learning projects, but continue to create for the web. 

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I enjoy it with my whole heart!

Joy is the thing that can bring together computers, mathematics and art. And what I am trying to do is turn computing into art. 

The latest technologies

In order to keep up with the latest technologies we have to learn all the time. Computers are evolving constantly. Because of that and for that purpose to keep my level I keep reading a lot, experimenting with new software and attending courses and webinars.



design and deployment

For all the years of web development I can say that the number of sites developed, deployed and brought to leading positions in the search engines has given me quite an experience. Now sites are made swiftly and using latest technologies.


administration and SEO

All sites created are maintained regularly and duly updated. When needed new plugins and add-ons are created in order to meet the customers' specific needs. Statistics and metrics are observed all the time in order to ensure the optimal performance. 


online and offline applications

Sometimes the customers have specific needs such as software for document managment, workflow managmement, data analysis, etc. 
These applications can be intended to work online or offline - desktop applications. 

Some of the tools